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Commercial Refrigeration Service 

Walk-In Freezer and Fridge Repair in Bakersfield, California

If you run a hotel, restaurant, or convenience store, then you should take advantage of our commercial refrigeration service. We provide a whole host of services, and we have been in business for more than 12 years, so we have built up a wealth of experience.

The service involves the installation, repair, and maintenance of walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, wine coolers, display coolers, and ice machines. These are vital features of many commercial premises, and we are on hand to make sure they are always in proper working condition.

Clients can be assured that any installation work will be carried out by a skilled and trained team of technicians. At Brley's A/C, Heating & Refrigeration, we have been serving the Bakersfield, California, area since 2004 and, as a family run company, pride ourselves on our honesty and loyalty.

Professional Refrigeration Service 

Quality Commercial Refrigerator Repair

We offer quarterly maintenance plans that benefit the client as the appliances, especially large walk-in coolers, and freezers, often contain expensive perishable goods. Regular check-ups and proper maintenance ensure that everything inside is kept at a safe temperature and help extend the life of the appliance.

Leaks and broken parts are among the most common problems that commercial customers encounter with these appliances, and the technicians we employ are not only experienced, they are also knowledgeable and capable of carrying out all repairs necessary. We offer a 24-hour emergency service so you can be assured we will be with you as quickly as possible in the event of a problem.

So whether your ice machine, ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, walk-in cooler, or restaurant fridge needs to be repaired – or you want a new one installed – make sure that Brley's A/C, Heating & Refrigeration is your first call to do the work. We can be contacted at 661-392-8347 661-392-8347, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing the job is being done by trustworthy professionals.